The history of the BMW Club Clasicos Colombia goes all the way back to August 13, 1986 when, by an announcement made by Julian Caro Barrera Carlos Muñoz Forero and Gilberto Muñoz Forero, founded the Auto Club BMW 2002 of Colombia. This organization of social civic and sporting character, was born with the objective of promoting and stimulating the preservation and upkeep of 20.02 BMW vehicles. This was the origin of the first auto club for the BMW brand in Colombia, whom with the passing of years, ceased all activity and being reactivated by a group of enthusiasts in 1997. This new associations didn't last long, being that the representatives decided to sell their BMWs and abandon the project of reactivating formally the BMW Club 2002 Colombia

It was in the year 2003, that Mr. Fernando Vargas appeared, who had acquired a BMW 20.02 as his first owned car, with the purpose of participating in classic car races. Noticing that there were a large number of 20.02 BMWs in Colombia, Fernando decided to summon some of them to a reunion. He was seeking this way, to return the club that had previously existed, to its former glory. With the help of the Brothers Bernardo and Felipe Ucrós, Fernando summoned the group that was composed of Roberto Ardila, Alexander Parada, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Nelson Russi and Alvaro Prada, including of course the Brothers Ucros. That day they decided to form the new Club BMW 2002 Colombia. The club had its beginnings with the help of various people. Felipe Ucros supplied a database which contained information of various members of the defunct club, meanwhile, Santiago Izquierdo, President of Club Autos, a virtual club at that time, and a friend of Fernando, sent him information of registered users with BMW 20.02 on their webpage. All these people were summoned to later meetings, where they manifested their interest in keeping up with the club, and offer their disinterested support.

In the year 2008, the first webpage and forum for the club was created, and with them came the best times for the club. Merchandising sales for the club started, and also, trips to the best places to visit in Colombia, as is, Santander, Antioquia, Meta and Colima, to name a few. During the same year, a new Board of Directors was defined and the number of members grew twice its size. It was the year of internationalization, recognition and growth for the BMW 20.02 of Colombia family. The motto was born: Revive the passion for the German classic. The logo was also brought up to date, which was recognized and bore by many BMW 20.02 owners around the world.

In the year of 2010, the members and founders Fernando Vargas, Roberto Ardila, Alvaro Prada, Rodrigo Carrizosa, Rodrigo Munar, Bernardo Ucros and Juan Carlos Gonzalez, decide to audit the Club BMW 20.02 Colombia under the NIT # 900.338.380-0 as a non-profit organization, dedicated to the realization of indoor and outdoor cultural and sporting events to promote the preservation, restoration and upkeep of BMW 20.02 vehicles.
During the same year, many enthusiasts started to present other models of the BMW contemporaries to the BMW 20.02 like, the first generations of The 3 Series, The 5 Series and some Coupé Sport. Motivated by the state of conservation of the BMW 20.02 of the members of the club, new members started adding up to the total tally, most of them with classic cars different to the BMW 20.02

In the face of this reality, the club decided in the 2012 Annual General Member Assembly, to address the fact that there is a tendency for Classic BMWs. A decision is made, to expand the spectrum of vehicles accepted in the club, adjusting to the rules of the BMW Classic Group in Munich, officially including the first two generations of The 3 Series (E21 and E30), the three first generations of The 5 Series (E12, E28 and E34), the first two generations of the 7 Series (E23 and E32), and the first of The 6 Series and The 8 Series. Likewise, motorcycles made up until mid-90’s were made part of the new reach the Club had, starting in May of 2012. In the same Annual General Member Assembly, the members present decided to officially change the name of the club from Club BMW 2002 Colombia to Club BMW Classics Colombia. This new phase of the club, was met with an a change to the existing logo.

During an Extraordinary General Assembly in September of 2016, by the initiative of the Board of Directives, the members of the club approved the start of a long certification process presented to the BMW Clubs International Council, under the organization which fits the right criteria for the club, International BMW Classic & Type Clubs Section.
This process was started by the modification of the logo to meet the requirements of BMW Clubs International Council. With the restructure of our statues, came the official renaming of the club, to the order of BMW Club Clasicos Colombia, a revamp of the website, an update to the requirements which aspiring members should meet and obtaining a certification from Autogermana, the official importer of BMW for Colombia, to work hand in hand with all aspects relating to Classic BMWs and present the acceptance requests an Official Club to International BMW Classic & Type Clubs Section, a division of BMW Club & Community Management (previously BMW Clubs International Council), which takes charge of grouping the clubs by Bodywork and Classics worldwide.

After our formal request proposal to the International BMW Classic & Type Clubs Section and the revamp to our statutes and documentation, we were presented with the opportunity to become an Official Club, initially as an International Chapter of the 3 Series while our request as a Direct Club is approved nearing the end of 2017 by the BCCM (BMW Club & Community Management). This is due to some changes and a restructure thats taking place during 2017 in the BCCM.


The club has the following principal objectives:

  • Group the owners and followers of classic motorcycles and automobiles made by BMW, according to the classification of BMW Group Classic, worldwide

  • Create friendships between its members and promote the common interest towards the activities which star the classic motorcycles and automobiles from BMW, and what this name and brand represent.

  • Encourage and stimulate the preservation, restoration ad upkeep of classic BMW motorcycles and automobiles.

  • Maintain cultural and sporting relations with similar associations nationally and internationally.

  • Organize meet-ups, outings, contests exhibitions, sporting and social activities, with the means to integrate the members of the Club.

  • Agree what is necessary for the cooperation between BMW Clubs around the world.
    Spread all kinds of literature related to the primary objective of the organization.
    Promote the image of BMW Club Clasicos Colombia and the brand name BMW


BMW Club Clasicos Colombia can be found in the city of Bogota D.C. In compliance with the statutes of the club, the club is lead by the following directive structure:

Support Team

Our social media (Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) and all accessories with the BMW Club Clasicos Colombia logo are administered by our support team and Stand in Board of Directors:


BMW Club Clásicos Colombia is an Official Club certified by the BCCM (BMW Club & Community Management) and the International BMW Classic & Type Clubs Section as follows: