Being part of BMW Club Clasicos Colombia is much more than just paying for a membership and driving. Its bearing the icons of a brand, the colors of its flag and the culture of its tradition. Its sharing moments of passion of originality with friends, the quality and elegance of BMW Classics. Its comprehending the respect that these machines deserve, and all their stories which they have with them. We seek the preservation of classic motorcycles and automobiles; those icons which came decades ago to remain roaming around and attracting the looks from people who know a beautiful machine in a state of originality, being either restored or conserved.
Members of the club have the right to be a part of exclusive events for members, such as, trips, reunions, courses, exchanges, consultations, participate in special publications and club calendars, any and all discounts and priority in any activities organized with associated clubs, and, access to the private club library in the forums.


To become an Active Member of BMW Club Clasicos Colombia, you must fulfill Chapter III of the last Statutes approved by the General Members Assembly in 2016
All aspiring members may have a Classic BMW vehicle or be followers of the brand BMW without having ownership of a BMW vehicle. A Classic BMW vehicle is, by definition, a classic BMW motorcycle or automobile. Your admission must be approved by the Board of Directors; you must pay the admission fee and the annual membership fee, pledge to pay any and all upkeep fees and extraordinary fees that may be decreed in posterity. To become an Active Member, all aspiring members must fulfill the following:

  1. An admittance request filled out completely and sent through the online form, accompanied by a statement of intent for admittance and a personal photograph.

  2. Three (3) photographs of your Classic BMW Vehicle under your ownership. The photographs must be taken in a lateral and diagonal position, as well as an interior photo, in agreement to Paragraph 2 (if applicable).

  3. Written approval from the Board of Directors (This statement will be given after the registration of the admittance request)

  4. A deposit, only after approval of admittance, of the admittance fee and the annual membership fee.

Paragraph 1:The number of members that have no ownership of a Classic BMW Vehicle cannot exceed 10% of the total of Active Members.

Paragraph 2: Requirements to become a member with ownership of a Classic BMW Vehicle:

To become a member of BMW Club Clásicos Colombia, the member may have a BMW vehicle under his ownership, classified as a classic under the parameters given by BMW Group Classic, to which it must comply to the following classification requirements:
  • Category # 1:Original BMW Vehicles: These must conserve all original aspects and be in a presentable state, without modifications nor unoriginal accessories. Color changes which pertain to an original color, and accessories from the time the vehicle was made, are aspects which are permitted. These must be in an original condition, be it restored, conserved or in the process of restoration. In a case where a presented vehicle has any accessories which are not original, its admission to the club will be left up to the Board of Directors.

  • Category #2: Special Interest BMW Vehicles: These must respect the aesthetic and the accessories that came when the vehicle was produced. Its admission will be left up to the Board of Directors.

  • Category #3: Mechanically Enhanced BMW Vehicles: There are no special requirements related to the mechanical aspect of the vehicles, as long as the fundamental aspects of originality are conserved. Improvements and modifications that do not alter the model and aesthetic of the vehicle are permitted, only if they are homologated specifically for the BMW vehicle in question or if they are developed specifically for each BMW Model. providing information to the previous statements. Its admission will be left up to the Board of Directors.

Any vehicle that doesn't meet the admission requirements above, its owner, if being in a state of Active Member, may be submitted to observation, admonished or removed from the organization


We invite you to please fill out the Admission Application Form switching to ES (Spanish) button language only, as it will solicit your admittance to the BMW Club Clasicos Colombia as an Active Member. Please refer to the previous statements for any and all requirements and rules for the admission of new members. The Board of Directors will check all the information supplied in this form, to be able to give an answer in the least amount of time possible. Realizing this process does not guarantee in any way the acceptance as a member to the club.


Welcome to the Online Membership Payment Module for BMW Club Clasicos Colombia 2020 and previous years. With this online payment system, it’s possible to pay with a Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Transfer from your personal account without the need to register the Clubs account.

ACTIVE MEMBERS: For the year 2020, we have set our yearly fee for a full membership to $240.000 COP, a sum which active members can pay through a Bank Deposit to the clubs Davivienda Savings account No. 001400122303, pay to the order of BMW Club Clasicos Colombia, or by using the following online payment option:

NEW MEMBERS: Aspiring members who wish to join the Club, must send an admission request to the Club and wait for an approval from the Board of Directors, which must be sent through the MEMBERSHIP REQUEST form switching to ES (Spanish) language button in this page. Once your request is studied and accepted, the aspiring member must pay a one time affiliation fee of $150.000 COP and the 2020 membership fee, a sum of $240.000 COP. In total, aspiring members will pay $390.000 COP.